How to Play Virtual Piano

Hi everyone! I have good news for the Virtual Piano community!
I have found a solution to play the uppercase and lowercase letters simultaneously!

That means; you can literally play every song on my website.

Let’s now go on to the solution.

1) Download AutoHotkey

You just have to download the AutoHotkey program.

Don’t worry, it’s safe! You can check the codes inside as it is an open source program.

Click the “Download” button.

Click the “Download Current Version” button.

a) How to Install AutoHotkey

  • Go to your Downloads Folder and run the AutoHotkey setup file.
  • If you want to install the program to different location click “Custom Installation” or just click the first option to install to the default location.
  • When the setup is complete, click exit.
Click the first option to install the program to the default location or click the second option to change location.

Setup is complete! Click exit.

2) Making A Script File

  • Download my .ahk file. (click me to download)
  • Open the .ahk file using notepad. (right click and then click edit script)
  • As you will see, a::B is written inside the .ahk file.
    • a is the key you are going to press.
    • B is the key you want the computer press when you press the a key.
This a::B line will produce an uppercase B when you type “a”

Download my .ahk script.

When you finish downloading the script, right click on it and click “edit script”

3) Assigning multiple keys

You can assign more than one key like this.

4) Running the script

  • Once the key assignements are complete, save the script and close it.
  • Then run the script. If you see a green icon on the tray, it means everything is working as it should.

5) Pausing script

I assigned the pause button to “F4” but you can change it to whatever key you want.

If you want to change the pause key, you can assign any key instead of F4.

6) Test it yourself

If you have done everything right, then it means you can freely start enjoying your Virtual Piano and you now will be able to easily play all the notes shared on the Internet.

In this tutorial, you learned how to play virtual piano and how to play uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time. You can ask anything down below or via Contact methods.